Title: Untitled (Structure), 2015
Size: 399 x 215 x 304 cm
Materials: Wood, metal, cardboard, paper, elastic bands, blu tack, rope, cotton fabric, scalpel blades, books, pencil chips, plant, buckets, wheels, light bulbs, electric wires, socket, light switch, broom.

By declaring an agency on the entire perimeter occupied by her intervention, Hoeksma calls it “the bureau of investigation of particular matters”. What is visible is indeed a booth set up with the purpose of creating an isolated place where to write, now reduced to the essence of its structure. Hoeksma’s background in biomedical research emerges in this installation, where the research is embodied in a code to decipher. In fact the blue sticks on the walls of this space resembles to a Morse code, which needs to be re-organized from a subjective perspective.
As the top of an iceberg, which represents a small percentage of a matter, the dismantled bureau embodies a wondering process started with an enquiry about the possibility for an artist to learn from the practice of a writer.

- by Emma I. Panza